von PR ADMIN / 20. Dezember 2018

Christmas with a crash landing

On a crystal-clear December night, a strange shadow was seen in the sky
The air was icy, with barely a sound, only a few bells ringing as it went by

The shadow, it’s true, was no more and no less, than Santa in his sleigh
Nine reindeer at the reigns it had, flying at great speed
But Santa’s head kept nodding, he was ready to drift away

A bright light blinking awoke the man with the white beard from his sleep:
There was barely any petrol left in the tank “Oh, I must have been counting sheep!”

Said Santa, and looked out on his reindeer team
But oh no, please watch out!
With a sudden jerk of the reins
He avoided a crash with a shout

The wild geese (heading south for the winter)
Flew around in confusion
But luckily not a single goose
Was part of a collision

The sleigh was not so fortunate,
it careened wildly in the air
And headed straight towards the ground,
oh Santa, please beware!

We will simply have to hope,
that nothing terrible comes to pass
What will we do, what can we do,
if Santa crashes on Christmas?

The sleigh flew wildly through the trees,
Covered in snow and muck
And landed next to a petrol station
Oh, oh, what luck!

The tank was empty and Santa was tired,
The reindeer had nothing to eat.
Hardly the best of conditions,
To get them all back on their feet.

“Well I’ll just have to go to the petrol station, you all wait for me here”
Said Santa, full of resolve, to his gang of nine reindeer.

And off he went, the light from the building bright like a guiding star
And Hark! There was more on offer than just petrol for his flying car.

He bought himself some dry clothes, the clerk gave him a smile
There was food and coffee for his journey
And plenty more in the aisles.

It gave him good cheer, it was all done so fast
And soon the crash-landing seemed a thing of the past.

Ready to pay, he had a quick thought
A present for Mrs. Claus, that’s what he’d forgot!

But this was a night when presents abound
And one from the petrol station could quickly be found
Mrs. Claus, he knew, loved chocolate
And so he bought her a delicious packet.

His sleigh stuffed with wonders
He resumed his old route
Flying up to the heavens
With a joyful shout

Cup of coffee in hand
Relaxed from his break
The reindeer before him
Stars in his wake

Presents for everyone, all over the Earth
And then home to the North Pole,
Once more full of mirth.