The foundations: our values

A company can only be successfully managed if it has a solid value framework – it is a company’s values that attract people, be it customers or employees.

The Lantzerath Group’s actions are based on seven fundamental values.

1. Security

The various fuels and the fuel filling systems pose considerable risks – a lot can go wrong at a gas station! This makes it very important to adhere scrupulously to the technical regulations for operating safety and the various building codes. All Lantzerath Group’s employees receive outstanding training, working to ensure that the gas stations are safe and that they themselves don’t have accidents at work. They are familiar with all safety rules and regulations and also draw up the mandatory documentation. As highly specialized experts, they do everything to ensure that the gas stations are safe for our customers.

2. Performance

Lantzerath Group has unusually low employee turnover at all levels, resulting in a very high degree of individual motivation and commitment. They feel that they are a part of the company, delivering prompt and excellent service. This, in combination with the streamlined structure of the Group, has led to Lantzerath being able to look back over a history of more than 50 years, with 18 of those years as the market leader.

3. Responsibility

Our employees think and act for the company, and they are just as committed to doing so for our customers. This means that you, as a customer, can always get hold of our employees, even in problematic situations. They are on hand to answer all your questions and take care of your problems responsibly.

4. Commitment

We give our customers reliable commitments at every level of interaction: you can safely assume that whoever you speak to has the authority to make binding decisions. Be it during negotiations, on site at a gas station or on the phone, our employees fulfil our contractual obligations, without any discussion. That is also what we see as our responsibility in terms of commitment.

5. Independence

We are proud of the fact that we are financially independent. The Lantzerath Group is not dependent on being granted loans, as it is completely self-financed. As a customer you have no need to worry that we might go bust tomorrow. This sets us apart from our competitors, some of whom have integrated customers as shareholders in their companies.

6. Loyalty

The Lantzerath Group is very loyal to its employees. This pays off, not least, because we have very low employee turnover – despite the fact that we have very high demands and expectations. But we also invest a lot in them: regardless of the vocational or professional qualifications that someone has when they come to work for us – we turn them into highly specialized experts, capable of working in this high-risk, highly sensitive mineral oil industry. Our loyalty to the people who work for us is also demonstrated by our efforts to integrate them into the company, instead of outsourcing entire divisions.

7. Development

The Lantzerath Group has been growing exponentially for almost ten years. To enable us to continue on this path, we rely not only on our tried and tested business models, but are also constantly developing new products and processes, such as the digital control of our service teams – this allows our customers to see how many Lantzerath technicians are currently working for them, and where they are, in real time –, or our new cloud-based POS and ERP