von sgerstenberger / 12. Januar 2018

Migrol AG and migrolino AG introduce CiRRUS

Migrol AG and migrolino AG will use BiCA AG’s CiRRUS Business Solution for their future POS requirements; migrolino stand-alone sites (not at gas stations) will also introduce CiRRUS!

BiCA AG is Lantzerath’s exclusive technology partner for POS and automation (outdoor payment terminals) at about 350 gas stations operated by the Swiss Migrol AG since 2009. In this role, BiCA AG also supplied the POS systems for the migrolino convenience shops at Migrol’s gas stations. With the CiRRUS Business Solution, a CLOUD application for the point-of-service, BiCA AG is implementing a holistic new development: an entirely cloud-based POS and ERP system.

BiCA AG won a joint call for proposals by Migrol AG & migrolino, both independent subsidiaries of the Migros Cooperative, and will be switching the Migrol AG gas station network over to CiRRUS from 2018 onwards. Following this, the migrolino convenience shops at those gas stations, and the migrolino standalone sites, e.g. at railway stations, will then also switch over to CiRRUS.

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