von PR ADMIN / 12. November 2021

Lantzerath Group awarded the 2021 Cologne Business Award for sustainable mobility solutions

The Lantzerath Group has been developing innovations and sustainable solutions related to the energy sources of the future for many years now. Hydrogen, synthetic fuels, also called e-fuels, and direct electromobility are the key pillars of our business model. At present, the Lantzerath Group is installing and servicing exactly such sustainable solutions at over 10,000 sites belonging to all major oil companies and energy providers in Central Europe, with charging stations for electric cars offering just one example. 

Cologne’s Hidden Champions

For its transformation into a service provider of sustainable mobility solutions, the Lantzerath Group has been awarded the Cologne Business Award for 2021, along with two other Hidden Champions from Cologne: first-place winner igus® GmbH and third-place honoree ENGIE Deutschland GmbH. All three companies are characterized by strong USPs and market leadership in their respective fields. Along with historical ties to Cologne, an especially sustainable business model was a basic prerequisite for nomination this year. The honor of being selected runner-up gives recognition to the Lantzerath Group’s activities in embracing the transformation in its core business of gas station technology towards the mobility needs of tomorrow. 

Cologne as a strong business hub The Cologne Business Club presented the Cologne Business Award for the twelfth time at a festive event attended by over one hundred invited guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel, right across from Cologne’s Trade Fair Center.  The nominated companies were evaluated by a panel of external judges, comprised of experts from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Association of Retailers, the District Craftsmen’s Association, and the University of Cologne. Every year, the Cologne Business Club recognizes companies that have made an outstanding contribution to the economic vitality of Cologne as a business hub, to creating jobs in the region, and to using resources sustainably and responsibly.

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